Submission Rules

  • When evaluating on a single test set which has an associated training set, exclude those images from your training data.
  • Using additional training data is not allowed, there is however an exception to this when using a publicly available pre-trained CNN. If you design your own CNN and wish to pre-train it, please avoid using any surgical datasets.
  • The submissions should be based on the left frame only. 

Submission Format

For each image in the test dataset, please submit an identically sized, single channel 8-bit image containing the value 255 at every pixel where you predict a kidney boundary and a 0 pixel everywhere else. This means that instruments and other surgical objects should receive the value 0. Please predict a 1 pixel wide contour, rather than a thick border which might be seen as representing 'uncertainty' in the contour location. Place these images inside directories with the same name as the test set and zip the entire contents up in an archive for submission.


Please upload your submissions here.